In 3 Schritten zum perfekten Verlobungsring

In 3 steps to the perfect engagement ring

You have decided to take the next big step in your relationship and want to propose to your loved one. Are you now looking for the perfect engagement ring but don't know where to start and what t...
Geburtssteine und ihre Wirkung

Birthstones - Which gemstone belongs to me?

In this blog post you will receive a compact overview of the birthstones of the respective months and which properties and effects are attributed to the gemstones.
Verlobung Ring Strand Bali Antrag Diamant

Engagement rings - classic diamonds are out!

The days when diamonds were the undisputed number 1 choice for engagement rings seem to be over. Completely exorbitant prices and the aspect that the sparkling gemstones enjoy a questionable reputa...
Pflege Opale Ring Silber

Opal Jewelry - Proper Care

The opal is a relatively delicate gemstone, but the care of opals is not very complex and not science. In general, you only have to pay attention to a few small things and you will have a lot of fu...
Brautschmuck Ring Kette Gruen Peridot Geburtsstein August

August Birthstone - Peridot

I would like to introduce you to the birthstone of all August children: the peridot This refreshingly bright green glowing gemstone appears in Hawaiian creation myths. There he is called "The Te...
Nachhaltiger Schmuck Ringe Silber natuerliche Edelsteine

Proper care of jewelry

Each of our pieces of jewelry is handmade and very delicate. With the right care and careful handling, you will be able to enjoy your gemstone jewelry made of silver and gold for a lifetime. The ma...
Qualitative Unterschiede bei Schmuck

Qualitative differences in jewelry

There are still no limits to the prices of jewelry, so there are pieces of jewelry with which you can wear a family house on your finger or around your neck. However, beautiful jewelry does not alw...
Frauenhand zwei Ringe Sterling Silber blauer Topas weißes Brautkleid pink blühende Blumen

Sustainable jewelry - What distinguishes it?

Why are more and more jewelers advertising sustainable jewellery? What exactly is sustainable about their jewelry or what is not sustainable about the "normal" jewelry that I bought from my previou...