Geburtssteine und ihre Wirkung

Birthstones - Which gemstone belongs to me?

In this blog post you will receive a compact overview of the birthstones of the respective months and which properties and effects are attributed to the gemstones.

Did you know that each month is associated with a special gem? Already in the Middle Ages people wore so-called birthstones. There was individual Certain properties are attributed to gemstones and associated with zodiac signs. The birthstone was worn as an amulet or talisman to develop protection, strength or similar positive effects on its wearer. So-called healing stones are still used in therapies today.

But even if you don't believe in the healing powers of gemstones, you still do interesting too know that there is a specific birthstone that you are associated with - just as with your zodiac sign - is connected. In addition, the birthstone is also suitable as a beautiful basis to choose a piece of jewelry for yourself or your loved ones and to give it a deeper meaning.

In the following you will receive a compact overview of the birthstone of the respective month and which properties and effects are attributed to the gemstone.

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Garnet January birthstone ring

January - Garnet

The gem garnet probably got its name because of its intense red, which is similar to that of the pomegranate. But the stone that is probably more popular these days is the "Rhodolite Garnet". This impresses with its crimson color and is also called "rose stone" by enthusiasts. The garnet also symbolizes constructiveness and is said to promote feelings of joy as well as positively stimulate the imagination. All January children are fortunate to be able to call Garnet their birthstone.

Stacking Ring Amethyst Birthstone February

February - Amethyst

The birthstone for February is amethyst. This gem carries the blossoming energy of passion, creativity and spirituality. It is often used as a healing stone for body and soul. This birthstone is also credited with promoting the ability to concentrate and having a calming effect. It ensures a restful sleep and protects against nightmares.

Engagement Ring Aquamarine March Birthstone

March - Aquamarine

The bright light blue of the aquamarine evokes the purity of the crystal clear water, which also symbolizes relaxation and the sense of calm that the sea brings with it.

The aquamarine is considered a protective stone for all those who travel near the water, over water or on the water. As a birthstone, it is particularly associated with those born in the month of March.


Diamond Birthstone April Engagement Ring

April - Diamond

Anyone born in April can call the most coveted gemstone of all time their very own birthstone - the diamond. The hardest gemstone in the world symbolizes indomitability, beauty and strength. While the reputation of the colorless diamond is disputed due to the questionable extraction, so-called salt & pepper diamonds are enjoying increasing popularity.

Ring Emerald Birthstone May

May - Emerald

This gemstone is also at the top of the popularity scale for gemstones. Because not only as a birthstone for the month of May, this green gemstone stands for beauty, harmony and calm, while it ensures relaxation and balance in everyday life for its wearer. Virtues such as truth and love are also attributed to the emerald, which is why it is also a popular gemstone for alternative engagement rings.

Moonstone June birthstone

June - moonstone

The moonstone is often used for modern jewelry. It is beautiful to look at and usually very affordable, although there are large differences in quality. While inexpensive specimens are simply translucent to white, high-quality moonstones feature a blue fire within the stone, which led to the gem's name. As the birthstone of June, the moonstone brings balance and serenity to everyday life.

Ruby Birthstone July

July - ruby

The ruby ​​ensures inner peace, balance in everyday life and strengthens social interaction. It has generally always been regarded as the protector of its wearer. Legend has it that a ruby ​​will turn black when its owner is in danger, and will only return to its red color once the danger is past. Anyone born in July can call this extraordinary birthstone their own.

Ring Silver Birthstone August Peridot

August - peridot

This refreshingly bright green glowing gemstone is said to help improve mental health and promote spiritual well-being. Thanks to him, his wearer can let go of pessimism and all negative thoughts of the past. It is also the birthstone of August.

Double Ring Sapphire September Birthstone

September - sapphire

Centuries ago, both the Romans and the Greeks were sure that the sapphire provides wisdom and knowledge. Today it is mainly the blue sapphire whose demand is increasing every year. Due to its color, it stands for eternal loyalty and thus makes the diamond a great competitor as the most popular gemstone for engagement rings. For people with the zodiac sign Pisces and as the birthstone of September, the sapphire is one of the most important gemstones, offering protection against infidelity, resentment and envy.

Ring Gold Black Opal October Birthstone

October - opal

Opals have a very positive effect on the psyche and are therefore also known as particularly important healing stones. They help against inhibitions and psychological blockages and are even said to alleviate depression.

The opal is considered an important main stone for the zodiac signs Pisces and Cancer. It is also the birthstone of October.

Citrine birthstone november

November - citrine

Natural citrine is a significant gem when it comes to imagination and personal will. He carries the power of the sun within himself. It is warm and calming, has an energetic effect and gives joie de vivre. Citrine awakens creativity and imagination and helps to make dreams and wishes more tangible. It is also known as the birthstone of November.

Blue Topaz December Birthstone

December - topaz

The topaz is not only so popular because of its diverse range of colours. As the healing stone and birthstone of December, it is said to lead to more open-mindedness and a reduction in nervousness. It promotes mental development and helps to achieve mental stability. The topaz should provide creative people with a clear view of essential details.

With this small overview of the individual months with their respective birthstones, you will quickly find the personal gemstone of you and your favorite people.

In our shop you can search for the category of the desired stone in order to get the perfect piece of jewelry in no time at all.

Have fun!

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