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The correct care of jewellery

Each of our jewellery pieces is handmade and very delicate. With the right care and careful handling, your silver and gold jewellery will last a lifetime. Most of our jewelry is made of sterling silver, fine silver and 18 karat eco gold. Therefore, we dedicate this post mainly to these metals and of course the handling of natural gemstones.


Each of our pieces of jewellery is handmade and very delicate. With the right care and careful handling, you will be able to enjoy your silver and gold jewellery for a lifetime. Most of our jewelry is made of sterling silver, fine silver and 18 karat eco gold. So in this post, we'll devote most of our time to these metals and of course, how to handle natural gemstones.

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You can avoid tarnish by wearing your jewelry often, as the oils on your skin will "clean" the silver and make it look shiny. However, any metal will darken and dull after a while. This is because lotions, direct sunlight, soap, detergent, perfume, contact with household chemicals, salt water, chlorine in swimming pools, and even sweat challenge fine jewelry and accelerate tarnishing.

Take off your jewelry before doing housework or gardening to avoid knocking out stones. It's also a good idea to take your jewelry off before applying creams and lotions. Gemstone settings can easily become clogged with cream.

To avoid tarnishing when storing your jewelry, make sure it is stored in an airtight container, as moisture is an enemy of precious metals. Your bathroom is both the most convenient and the worst place to store your jewelry. If you still want to store it here, use small pressure seal bags to keep moisture out. If moisture is generally a problem, you can put a piece of chalk, a pack of activated charcoal or a pack of silica gel in your jewelry box.

As tarnishing of silver jewellery is nevertheless unavoidable, we recommend cleaning it with a SILBO Care cloth and in the case of larger stains or old looking jewellery a Silver bath from SILBO.

Aside from moisture, individual pieces of jewelry can harm each other. If metals rub against each other and maybe even precious stones are involved, your jewellery will quickly get unpleasant scratches. Therefore, make sure that you don't store several pieces of jewellery in the same bag or casket, unless you can prevent the individual necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings from touching each other by using cloths. Leave link or chain bracelets open or unhooked to avoid scratches.

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Gold is not as sensitive to air and skin as sterling silver, but still needs to be cleaned occasionally to maintain its shine. A soft polishing cloth that has been impregnated will help keep your gold shiny. The SILBO polishing cloth is our personal favorite. However, be sure to only polish the piece of jewelry with gentle circular motions and don't be too enthusiastic. Despite added metals, gold is still very soft and easily scratched. It is also worthwhile, in my opinion, to take your favorite pieces of jewelry to be polished once a year. The cost is not high and your jewelry will look like new.

Edelsteine Moss Agate Gruen


All of the gemstones we use are natural in origin and individually unique. Due to their increasing popularity and their limited occurrence, their value continues to increase.

If you have purchased such a stone, you should know that gemstones are porous rocks and some of them easily absorb everything. Often a regular gentle wiping with a clean damp cloth is enough to "water" the stone. Avoid direct contact with contaminated water, salt or pool water with chlorine and chemicals such as bleach. Sulfur and detergents erode the finish and polish of gemstones and dull them. Hairspray, perfume, lotions and excessive sweating can also cause dullness if the jewelry is not cleaned regularly. Wiping your gemstone jewelry regularly with a clean, soft damp cloth after wearing it and taking it off when applying lotions and creams will help maintain the gemstones' luster. But even if creams or lotions on the back make the stone appear dull, a damp cotton swab can work wonders. Here again it is important that the metals are dried afterwards. This little habit ensures that your jewellery always looks its best. If your gemstone jewelry is not worn, store it in a soft bag. Please note that especially pearls and opals should never be stored in plastic, as they like to "breathe". Especially opals are very sensitive and need special care. We will therefore deal with this topic separately in our next article.

Nachhaltiger Schmuck Ringe Silber Edelsteine


Sustainable Sterling Silver and Eco Gold Jewellery with Natural Gemstones is something very special and deserves to be handled with care. Clean your jewellery regularly and avoid exposing it to bad influences through small attentions in everyday life. Your jewelry will thank you with shine and colorfulness and become your lifelong companion.

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