Geburtssteine und ihre Wirkung

Birthstones - Which gemstone belongs to you?

In this blogpost you will get a compact overview of the birthstones of the respective months and which properties and effects are attributed to the gemstones.
Verlobung Ring Strand Bali Antrag Diamant

Engagement rings - classic diamonds are out of style!

The time when diamonds were the undisputed number 1 among gemstones seems to be over. Completely exaggerated prices and the aspect that the sparkling gemstones enjoy a questionable reputation, is u...
Pflege Opale Ring Silber

Care of opal jewelry

We are often asked by our customers what they need to consider when wearing, caring for and storing their opal jewelry. This question is justified, because the opal is a relatively delicate gemston...
Brautschmuck Ring Kette Gruen Peridot Geburtsstein August

Birthstone August - Peridot

I would like to introduce you to the birthstone of all August children: The Peridot This refreshingly bright green gemstone already appears in Hawaiian creation myths. There it is called "The Tears...
Frauenhand zwei Ringe Sterling Silber blauer Topas weißes Brautkleid pink blühende Blumen

What does sustainable jewellery mean?

Why are more and more jewellers advertising sustainable jewellery? What exactly is sustainable about their jewellery or what is not sustainable about the "normal" jewellery that I have bought from ...