Verlobungsring blauer Saphir Eco Gold Diamanten


Together with the ruby, the sapphire is the second hardest gemstone in the world. However, it is usually purer than the ruby.

"Sapphirus" is Latin and means "blue." However, there is a suggestion that the name of this fascinating gemstone is derived from the Hebrew word "sappir", which means "noble stone".

The sapphire is said to have many positive properties. Thus, in Asian countries, it is even considered "The stone of truth and friendship". But also in Europe this gemstone is highly regarded. Both the Romans and the Greeks were sure centuries ago that the sapphire provides wisdom and knowledge.

Today, it is mainly the blue sapphire whose demand is increasing every year. Through its color, it stands for eternal fidelity and thus makes the diamond as the most popular gemstone for engagement rings great competition.

For people with the zodiac sign of Pisces, sapphire is one of the most important gemstones, which offers you protection from infidelity, envy and jealousy.

Also, it is the birthstone of September - children.



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Opal meets Sapphire
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Something Blue SetBrautschmuck Set Halskette Ring Opal Saphir blau
Something Blue Set
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Midnight Blue Sapphire
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Spring Awakening
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Pink Beach
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Gemstone Bouquet
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Opaltrifft Saphir SetVerlobung Ring Opal Dublette Saphir blau Stein
Opal meets Sapphire
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