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The word "emerald" comes from the Greek and means "green gemstone". And although this extraordinary gemstone really only comes in the color green, emerald has an extensive range of colors from deep dark green to pastel green. These shades of green are usually paired with a wide variety of shades in the stone. These range from blue to brown, blue to yellow.

Unlike most other gemstones, inclusions in emerald are characteristic and are not to be regarded as blemishes, but rather as a special feature of beauty.

The largest emerald deposits are in Colombia and Zambia. The stones from there are world-renowned for their high quality. Spirit of Island only sources emeralds from these two countries.

The emerald stands for beauty, harmony and tranquillity. It ensures relaxation and balance in everyday life for its wearer. It strengthens the psyche and self-confidence.

Virtues such as truth and love are also attributed to it, which is why the emerald is a popular gemstone for engagement rings.

In addition, emerald is the birthstone of all Mai children.



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