Nachhaltiger Schmuck Ring Topas Blau Heilstein Geburtsstein November


The exact origin of the name "Topaz" is not completely clear. The origin could lie in the Sanskrit word "Tapaz", which means "fire".

The usually very shiny stones are especially in various shades of blue as gemstones for a few years very popular. Thereby the meanings "sky blue", "Swiss blue" and "London blue" designate the gradations of the blue tones. But there are also other colored topazes, like the "Mystic Topaz", which shines in pink and green colors.

But it is not only because of its variety of colors that the topaz is so sought after. As a healing stone, it should provide more open-mindedness and reduce nervousness. It promotes the mental development and helps to mental stability. Creative people, the topaz should provide a clear view of essential details.

Also, the topaz is the birthstone of all November - children.



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Bali Blues Necklace
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Open End Topaz
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Kite in the Sky
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Sunset Shades Set Granat TopasRing Silber Stein blau Topas pink
Sunset Shades
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