Sustainable, fair & nature-conscious

Feel the Spirit

Born of nature

" Tri Hita Karana " - A Balinese way of life of respectful interaction between humans, animals and nature.

We at SPIRIT OF ISLAND take this wonderful attitude as a basis to create something beautiful and unique. Something that springs from nature and is perfected through the respectful collaboration of responsible people .

It must not have hurt or harmed anyone, because it should be innocent!

Conflict Free Gems

Our jewelry is sustainably produced, fairly traded and unique in design . It is the result of fair interpersonal cooperation and the respectful treatment of nature.

Only gemstones are used that have been mined without conflict and that have not been unnecessarily damaged by their mining.

That's why we only work with selected dealers and mines who, like us, stand up for the philosophy of sustainability .

Recycled Silver & Gold

The use of precious metals is also chosen with care. Our commitment is to avoid the use of cyanides.

We only use ECO Gold , which is by far the most environmentally friendly gold and does not use mercury. Our silver is sterling silver using only recycled silver .

Fair trade

Our jewelry is handmade on the island of Bali by traditional silver and gold manufactories , so each piece of jewelry is unique!

We pay particular attention to humane working conditions and fair payment of employees.

100% plastic free

Not only our jewelry is sustainably produced. Our caskets, packaging and filling material are also biodegradable and made from recycled material.

Our standard boxes are even awarded the "Eco Friendly" seal of approval, while our handcrafted premium box is made from sustainably sourced walnut and olive wood .