You don't know the ring size of you or your loved one? - No problem, here you can find out all the ways to find out the right ring size quickly and precisely.

option 1

Here are the 3 steps explained again individually:

Step 1:

Cut a strip of paper 5mm wide and wrap it around the desired finger.

Pull it tight around your finger - don't worry, your ring won't be so tight later.

Find out ring size

Step 2:

Mark the place on the paper where the strip overlaps.

Measure ring size

Step 3:

Measure the length of the marked strip and round up to the nearest millimeter.

The result corresponds to the ring size (example: 52mm = size 52)

Measure the ring size yourself

option 2

Do you already have a ring of the right size? Then measure the inner diameter and read the right size here:

Measure Ring Size Diameter Overview

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